Meet The Maker

Hi, I'm Kelly! Thank you so much for stopping by!

Lover of earl grey tea, cooking, and browsing Pinterest for hours upon hours... (but doesn't everybody?!)

I started this business with my partner in 2015. We aimed to save for our wedding, but once that was said and done, we grew into this fabulous community and couldn't just stop there! Crafting has always been my passion - whether it be home-made gifts, cleaning hacks, or cooking up a new savoury recipe in my kitchen. My soul was called to woodworking back in high school when I needed an extra credit to fill my 11th Grade semester. I LOVED it so much, that I took it again the following year! I was the only woman in both my classes, and was warmly welcomed by all my fella peers.

Flash forward to 2015 - I moved in with my now-husband Nick, and his house needed a little refresh. I couldn't afford all the beautiful things I saw at RH or Pottery Barn, so I decided to make it myself. Nick taught me so many of the skills that I possess today, and together we keep making beautiful things. 

I started making signs in 2017, and here we are! Wood signs offer such a natural-vibe to a space. The earthy elements of pine wood bring out the most relaxing aroma. Who doesn't love the smell of a dewy forest, or even a campfire? This is the experience I get each and every time I make something for my customers. From hand-selecting each piece of wood I use, to the smell of wood being sanded... I am truly grateful to be able to make pretty, meaningful pieces of art for my customers. Your takeaway is a sentimental piece for yourself, or a loved one... and selfishly, mine is much more. It supports my family, it supports my mind creatively, and it boosts my self-confidence. Knowing someone WANTS to buy something that I MADE - Wow, it doesn't get any better than that!

Thank you for stopping by my shop, I hope to make you something you'll love for many many years to come!



Nick is a man of few words online, so I will go ahead and give this a go myself!

Nick is a man of many talents, one of them being his love for creating. Like his father before him, you can find Nick in the garage tinkering FOR HOURS. 

He has always had an interest in woodworking, and has recently had more time to play with more wood species which has allowed him to create such beautiful cheese & serving boards.

For custom requests involving cutting boards, serving boards, furniture or hardwood projects, reach out to Nick at